A majority of people usually see a doctor only when they are in pain or discomfort. But without a routine check-up with a specialist, you risk facing medical problems when you least expect it. To avoid that situation, find a chiropractor who can help you to restore balance to your body.

A check-up with a professional Miami chiropractor can be an effective preventative measure for your body to function optimally. Moreover, it is an excellent natural solution to musculoskeletal problems, which can affect the nervous system. But how to choose the top-rated chiropractic clinic in Miami out of the numerous wellness centers represented on the web?

We’ve analyzed hundreds of reviews from Google and Yelp to make a list of the best chiropractors in Miami. Each specialist mentioned here has an excellent education and vast working experience. So, if you want to find a famous chiropractor in Miami with a solid reputation, check out this article and go see a reliable doctor right away!

TOP 10 Chiropractors in Miami


Dr. Yolaris Garcia

Awesome Chiropractic Center
Address: 980 NE 126th St North Miami, FL 33161, United States

Dr. Ramon Reyes, D.C.

Healthy Spine Institute
Address: 15426 NW 77th Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33016, United States

Dr. Ruggiano

Brickell Family Chiropractic
Address: 1793 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129, United States

Dr. Jordan Kaplan

Kaplan Chiropractic Wellness Center
Address: 959 West Ave #17, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

Dr. Harrison Higgins, D.C.

New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center
Address: 2029 Osprey Ln STE B, Lutz, FL 33549, United States

Dr. Karim Habayeb

Miami Chiropractic & Wellness
Address: 2800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 777, Miami, FL 33137, United States

Dr. Edgar Facuseh

Downtown Miami Chiropractor
Address: 28 West Flagler Street, Suite 601 Downtown Miami, FL 33130, United States

Dr. Kevin Christie & Dr. Larry Masarsky & Dr. Chris Gouveia

Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery
Address: 162 NE 25th St #103 Miami, FL 33137, United States

Dr. Paul Fisher & Dr. Craig Fisher & Dr. Eric Alfonso

Fisher Chiropractic Center
Address: 13710 SW 84th St, Miami, FL 33183, United States

Dr. Zeaiter

Chirofit Miami
Address: 1717 N Bayshore Dr Ste 135, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Top Chiropractors in Miami

Below is a list of the 10 top Miami chiropractors.


1. Awesome Chiropractic Center

Dr. Yolaris Garcia


Address: 980 NE 126th St North Miami, FL 33161, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (55)

Google reviews 5.0 (360)

Meet the Awesome Chiropractic Center, a clinic with the best chiropractic treatment in North Miami. This medical center provides a wide range of services, such as:

  • chiropractic care;
  • nutritional counseling;
  • spinal & postural screenings;
  • kinesiology taping;
  • massage therapy, etc.

With Awesome Chiropractic Clinic, you will always get the proper chiropractic care for your musculoskeletal complaints. Thanks to Dr. Yolaris Garcia, a highly-skilled Doctor of Chiropractic, you can live a fulfilling lifestyle and keep your body in balance with her help.

Dr. Garcia has a bachelor’s degree in Science, a Master’s in Human Nutrition, and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. She has years of training and experience in spinal adjustment, which allows her to provide qualified chiropractic care in Miami.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 981-0899
Use this link to book an appointment.


2. Healthy Spine Institute

Dr. Ramon Reyes, D.C.


Address: 15426 NW 77th Court, Miami Lakes, FL 33016, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (1)

Google reviews 5.0 (72)

If you are located in South Florida, it won’t be hard to find a highly-skilled chiropractor. Just enter “top-rated chiropractors near me” in the search bar, and you will see Healthy Spine Institute, a famous wellness center located in the city of Miami Lakes.

The specialists at Healthy Spine Institute, Dr. Reyes in particular, design individual programs for every patient. This chiropractor has years of experience in treating a vast array of musculoskeletal conditions, neurological conditions, and the trauma of athletes and wellness patients.

Dr. Reyes applies only the most up-to-date Chiropractic therapies that are based on scientific studies. In addition to this, he is an active member of the Florida Chiropractic Society and an outstanding representative of Miami chiropractors.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 699-2227
Follow this link to make an appointment.


3. Brickell Family Chiropractic

Dr. Ruggiano


Address: 1793 SW 3rd Ave, Miami, FL 33129, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (15)

Google reviews 4.9 (79)

Brickell Family Chiropractic does everything possible to provide the most high-quality chiropractic care in Florida. This clinic has the services of the best chiropractor in Miami – Dr. Paul Ruggiano. So, if you are looking for a dedicated health professional to get rid of your spinal pain, or simply have a proper check-up, feel free to go see this doctor.

Dr. Ruggiano knows how to stop chronic pain and bring happiness back into your life. Thanks to his extensive knowledge in the field of chiropractic medicine, he can professionally fulfill all of your chiropractic needs. Dr. Paul Ruggiano has already helped many people feel better, confirmed by hundreds of satisfied patients.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 858-5880
You can make an appointment by filling out the form on the homepage of their website.


4. Kaplan Chiropractic Wellness Center

Dr. Jordan Kaplan


Address: 959 West Ave #17, Miami Beach, FL 33139, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (45)

Google reviews 4.9 (120)

Dr. Kaplan is a professional chiropractor in Miami, FL, who has been practicing chiropractic medicine since 2006. He has vast experience in working alongside some of the most professional world-renowned chiropractors, which had allowed him to master and apply various sophisticated chiropractic techniques, such as:

  • Diversified;
  • Thompson;
  • Gonstead;
  • Upper Cervical;
  • Activator;
  • Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Kaplan focuses on safe, natural, and effective chiropractic care, which can improve the quality of his patients’ lives. As one of the best Miami Beach chiropractors, he implements a wellness approach to achieve maximum results in restoring optimal health.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 507-5220
The Kaplan Chiropractic website is currently getting a makeover, but you can call their phone number to make an appointment.


5. New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center

Dr. Harrison Higgins, D.C.


Address: 2029 Osprey Ln STE B, Lutz, FL 33549, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (1)

Google reviews 5.0 (91)

New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center was established in 2013, and since that time, it has gained a diverse base of happy clients. The specialists in this clinic provide high-quality wellness and chiropractic care to people of all ages.

The treatment in this center includes various services, including corrective exercise, lifestyle advice, spinal and postural screenings, etc. At this clinic, you can also obtain qualified medical care in cases like:

  • back or neck pain;
  • headaches and migraines;
  • Sciatica;
  • Scoliosis;
  • auto accident injuries;
  • herniated discs, and more.

The New Leaf Chiropractic Wellness Center team is led by Dr. Harrison Higgins, a highly-skilled Miami chiropractor. He provides professional chiropractic care to all, from infant to elderly patients.

Whatever medical issues you’re dealing with, Dr. Higgins will do his best to find a way to improve your overall health.


Contact information:

Phone number – (831) 254-2500
To make an appointment, fill out the contact form in the relevant section on the website, or call them directly.


6. Miami Chiropractic & Wellness

Dr. Karim Habayeb


Address: 2800 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 777, Miami, FL 33137, United States

YELP rating 5.0(3)

Google reviews 5.0 (18)

If you are looking for a famous Miami Eastside chiropractic center, this clinic is definitely worth your attention. Dr. Karim Habayeb studied at the University of Florida and also at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. After he received a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2008, he started to elevate his career in chiropractic and soon became one of the leading Miami chiropractors.

Miami Chiropractic & Wellness is a famous wellness clinic, which offers many treatments and services, i.e.:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Cranial Facial Release (CFR);
  • Myofascial Release;
  • Kinesio Taping;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation;
  • Therapeutic Exercises;
  • Massage Therapy;
  • Cupping.

If patients have difficulty making it to the office, Dr. Karim and other specialists of the Miami chiropractic clinic are ready to provide mobile services directly to your home.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 458-7434
Website https://miamichiropracticwellness.com/
To book an appointment, contact the phone number above or send an email to miamichiropracticwellness@gmail.com.


7. Downtown Miami Chiropractor

Dr. Edgar Facuseh


Address: 28 West Flagler Street, Suite 601 Downtown Miami, FL 33130, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (15)

Google reviews 4.9 (37)

Dr. Edgar Facuseh is one of those Miami chiropractors who constantly improves his chiropractic education and enjoys learning new techniques to improve his patients’ outcomes. Along with the rest of the professionals at the Downtown Miami Chiropractor location, he teaches patients to be healthy, both inside and out.

Dr. Facuseh takes a personal approach to every client and provides services such as:

  • Physiotherapies;
  • Nutrition/Supplement Advice;
  • IASTM/Graston Technique;
  • Kinesiotape, and more.

With over 11 years of experience, Dr. Edgar Facuseh has helped thousands of patients to change their lives for the best. So, if you are looking for professional chiropractic help, you can opt for the Downtown Miami Chiropractor clinic.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 667-4567
Call their phone number to book an appointment.


8. Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery

Dr. Kevin Christie & Dr. Larry Masarsky & Dr. Chris Gouveia


Address: 162 NE 25th St #103 Miami, FL 33137, United States

YELP rating 4.5 (11)

Google reviews 5.0 (16)

Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery can boast one of the best Miami chiropractors and the most effective treatments available. Despite the number of chiropractic and wellness centers, patients still prefer this clinic over others, due to the fact that it delivers high-quality chiropractic care from leading specialists.

Dr. Larry Masarsky, Dr. Kevin Christie, and Dr. Chris Gouveia are highly professional chiropractors with vast experience in chiropractic care. Each specialist has their own special discipline and unique approach to healing patients:

  • Dr. Masarsky specializes in chiropractic and Active Release Techniques therapy for treating athletes and active individuals. He develops treatment plans following the principles of biomechanics and the patient’s individual needs.
  • Dr. Kevin Christie is a Chiropractic Physician and Certified Ergonomic Assessments Specialist who dedicates himself to treating the patients’ symptoms and physical dysfunctions.
  • Dr. Chris Gouveia is an expert in soft tissue manipulation and corrective exercise prescriptions. He uses the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy and is a certified Active Release Technique provider.

The Health-Fit Chiropractic & Sports Recovery specialists are reputable Miami FL chiropractors who continuously learn and apply new chiropractic techniques for their patients.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 770-6393
Click on the link to book an appointment or call their office directly via the phone number above.


9. Fisher Chiropractic Center

Dr. Paul Fisher & Dr. Craig Fisher & Dr. Eric Alfonso, Associate


Address: 13710 SW 84th St, Miami, FL 33183, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (33)

Google reviews 5.0 (135)

Fisher Chiropractic Center has quickly become popular among Florida locals and tourists. The chiropractors who work in this clinic focus on reducing the risk of pain and illness to improve the patients’ health.

Dr. Fisher, from Chiropractic Miami Center, showcases how alternative medicine can help people in a rediscovery of their health and wellness. The clinic is famous for its fantastic Miami chiropractors. Dr. Paul Fisher has practiced family Chiropractic in Southwest Miami for over 34 years.

Whatever type of chiropractic care you choose to receive, Dr. Fisher from Miami and the other specialists of this clinic will tailor your care to meet those needs. At Fisher Chiropractic Center, you can expect to get:

  • wellness care and prevention;
  • professional consultation and the careful analysis of your medical history to ensure you will benefit from the treatment;
  • complete chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological examination;
  • recovery from injury and pain;
  • an exercise program and nutritional counseling.

Fisher Chiropractic Center has all modern equipment for efficient patient examination. The doctors apply various chiropractic treatments, depending on the client’s needs.


Contact information:

Phone number – (305) 385-7200
Request an appointment by this link.


10. Chirofit Miami

Dr. Zeaiter


Address: 1717 N Bayshore Dr Ste 135, Miami, FL 33132, United States

YELP rating 5.0 (6)

Google reviews 5.0 (101)

Dr. Zeaiter, a professional chiropractor at Chirofit Miami, deserves an honorable place among the best Miami chiropractors. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in October 2013 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

Chirofit Miami emphasizes illness prevention and discovering the cause of the existing pain and the elimination of it. Its specialists personally tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to the patients’ wellness needs. Using effective techniques and services, they provide treatments that include:

  • performing adjustments;
  • nutritional and lifestyle counseling;
  • physical rehabilitation therapy;
  • providing supplements (vitamins and natural herbal medicines).

Dr. Zeaiter has been extensively trained in chiropractic care, which makes her a highly sought-after chiropractor in Miami and the US.


Contact information:

Phone number – (786) 810-3468
Fill out this form to request an appointment.

How Can a Chiropractor Help You?

Chiropractic treatment provides manipulations that help realign joints and potentially relieve pain in bones, muscles, and joints. As a rule, chiropractic care focuses on the spine, but chiropractors also deal with other issues, depending on a patient’s needs.

Thus, Miami chiropractors can bring you the following benefits:

  • Improving your range of motion and relieving muscle pain.
  • Easing pain in the spine and neck.
  • Reducing one’s reliance on opioid pain relievers.
  • Getting rid of osteoarthritis symptoms.
  • Easing headache symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment may be an excellent solution for chronic pain in the back, neck, and other body parts. Besides, chiropractors in Miami can help you deal with health issues more quickly and cost-effectively than traditional medicine.

How to Choose the Best Chiropractor in Miami?

To find the best chiropractor in Miami Beach that will suit your needs, you need to evaluate the education and the qualification of the represented Miami chiropractors.


Chiropractic education

It is crucial to see a Miami chiropractor with medical training to prevent the risk of getting serious injuries from unqualified treatment. Make sure the chosen chiropractor has the skills and experience in chiropractic care before making an appointment.


Chiropractic qualifications

To define whether this or another Miami chiropractor is worth visiting or not, you should ensure that he or she has a proper license. For example, if you search for a chiropractor in Maui, the specialist should be licensed by the Hawaii Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Miami-based chiropractors must successfully complete the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners certification examination and the Florida Laws and Rules Examination to get their license. The Miami chiropractors from our list are certified and licensed, so you can feel free to book an appointment with any of them.


Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Chiropractor in Miami FL

A google search for Miami chiropractors may bring you too many options. But if you follow the tips below, you can easily choose the right chiropractor in Miami for you:


Ask local friends and acquaintances about experienced specialists they could recommend.


Check out the reviews from patients that have already visited these Miami chiropractors.


Evaluate the chiropractor’s treatment style at a consultation meeting.

Freequently Asked Questions

Have any questions?

Contact us
How much does chiropractic adjustment cost?

If you want to know how much a particular Miami chiropractor costs, you should check out the website of the clinic. However, consider the average hourly fee generally starts at about $60. Thus, depending on the treatment requirements, you can pay from $30 to hundreds of dollars per check-up with a chiropractor in Miami.

Do chiropractic adjustments actually work?

According to research, chiropractic adjustment can be effective in treating back, neck, muscle, and joint pain. Besides these services, Miami chiropractors can help heal headaches and other spine-related conditions at any age.

Can chiropractors mess up your neck?

Any interference of the low-skilled specialist may cause you serious medical problems. But if you choose a chiropractor in Miami among those represented in this article, you can rely on getting qualified, professional chiropractic care.

How often should I see my chiropractor?

If you’re just starting a new treatment plan, you will probably have adjustments a few times a week. Regular check-ups with the best chiropractors can save you from back or neck pain in the future. Therefore, you should go see a chiropractic doctor at least once or twice a year.

How much does it cost to visit a chiropractor in South Miami?

The price for chiropractic treatment in South Miami varies depending upon your needs and diagnosis. Besides, the higher reputation chiropractors have, the better services they provide, meaning a check-up with such a specialist will cost you more. Thus, the price per chiropractic session in South Miami is generally between $75 and $90.

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